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Following our offer to build free websites for charities and community organisations we are now in serious talks with Paul Sadera Kilelu General Manager of the Enkusero Sampu Conservancy, Kiserian, Rift Valley, Kenya to create an ecommerce website to help develop the project.

We are investigating the objectives of the project so that we can create an online presence that really helps them achieve the core objectives.

This shows how websites and an online presence can help real people in the real world - I am proud to be associated with this organisation. To learn more watch the video below...,

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This is Me with one of our latest clients, Sal "Ronnie" Passariello from the USA. We met at the Monaco F1 Grand Prix and quickly began a conversation that has lead to a business relationship. We are currently writing and publishing a book on the success achieved by Sal in building his business called "Hair Illusion" using instagram and Amazon.

He's going to explain all of the tips & techniques he developed in creating million dollar sales. We'll be publishing the book in multiple formats including Paperback, Kindle and PDF eBook - this will be followed by the publishing of a video training course. One of Sal's passions is to "give back" he already gives life changing talks and his book is just one more example.

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carl-henry-global-carl-at-deskEvery business should benefit from being online whether your business is 100% digital or totally offline! - all businesses should know how to sell online, and benefit from the benefits of automated online sales systems (sales funnels)  We are ready to add value to the businesses of our Partners, Our Customers and Our Own business Projects.

We have spent the last few months rebuilding our online and offline business structure, there's still work to do as building a business is always a "work in progress". But we are up-and-running and "Open For Business". We have 5 main operating focuses; Finance, Real Estate Property, Internet, Corporate and Lifestyle.

We offer 3 types of interaction;

TRAINING - We can show you what you need to do.

CONSULTANCY - We can work with you and your team.

SERVICE - We can take 100% responsibility for the delivery.

Please visit our website, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin accounts to get a full picture. Then please contact me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss how we might help you or work together.

Watch the video below to learn more...,


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