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If you are working on an existing website; you will already have a primary activity or subject chosen. In this case you might need to decide on a particular part of the business to focus on. Remember the idea is to find a subject that will grab the attention of the prospects, also a subject where you can give some value in the form of useable information ‘in advance’ of the sale, the reason for this is both to cut though the mass of information hitting your prospects and to encourage them to join your mailing list.


If you are starting from the beginning ideally you will choose a subject that you know about and preferably that you are interested in, it should also be a subject where people are prepared to spend money.

If you want to know if people are spending money, visit online resources such as Amazon & eBay (Links below) and search the subject, if people are spending money you will see lots of products in the niche with reviews – read the reviews to get a feel for that market.


It has been said that you should choose a niche that you are totally passionate about or that is possibly a hobby of yours, but is very important that before you set off with an online business that you find out if people are spending money in your chosen area of interest.


The key to finding an ideal niche is to start with a problem.  It maybe that there are not a lot of solutions or the solutions available are low quality. Sometimes they may have to search quite hard to find answers and you can shorten the process of finding a solution for them. You might also be able to look at existing solutions and create a better version or new way of presenting it to attract customers.


The key to finding an ideal niche is to start with a problem.


In short you could call it “find a need and fill it”, you should be able to imagine the type of people who are searching on the web in your niche and who have a very eager need or problem for which, they are looking for a solution.


Remember; when you use the Internet search engines you will normally search with a question and you are looking for the answer.


We tend to ask search engines questions like; “How To….,”, “where is…,” etc. so you must word your content as a response to a question rather than a bland promotional statement about your business.


Imagining, or, researching what you target market is asking about and then creating content that responds to those questions will be the best way to get the search engines to ‘love’ you and put your content in front of the right people.


So, think from the point of view of the people conducting searches and speak to them in a way that shows you understand their point of view and their needs.


It is also very important, in the beginning, that you stick to one niche subject and one website with an online marketing campaign all focused in the same area. You need to focus your resources to the do not get down looted over multiple niche is or businesses.


Aim to dominate that niche and become an expert on the subject, all the sources of information, all the online tools and the online business systems required to make sales.


If you try to target several niches is the same time you will almost certainly suffer from information overload due to the wide range of tasks you need to fulfil.


Action Step 1 - Action Tasks & Resources


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