Before going too far with the development of your online business you need to check that there are people searching for your proposed product or service. 


You can find out what people are searching for and in what volume by using this free tool;


Link: Google Keyword Tool:



When you set up your account and get inside you will see a menu item “Tools” and then in the drop down menu “Keyword Planner”. You will choose “Search for keywords using a phrase, Keywords or website. (I discuss using these adverts later)


When you carry out a search for a particular keyword remember to set the country that you are targeting. You will get a prediction of the number of monthly searches for that particular subject together with a list of other related keywords people are searching for – you can download the list if you want to analyse them in a spreadsheet.



This will give you a good idea about the size of your chosen niche, industry or subject.



You must remember that key words and key phrases with very high search volume may have a very high level of competition in the search engine results, which means it will be very hard to rank your website in the top ten search results. 


For example if you were to try and appear in the top ten search engine results for the word “website design” this will be very difficult as it is a high competition word and rather vague. You must target the phrase which is more precisely descriptive of your product or service – for example “website design in central London”.


Each page of your website should target a specific phrase to fully explain your product or service in a way that is very clear to both visitors and search engines. 


This aspect of your online business is called SEO (Search engine optimisation) you will find other publications available on our website covering this subject and remember you can subscribe for our newsletter to receive up-to-date hints and tips.


9 Action Steps

Here are the key steps of ONLINE! SUCCESS The Fundamentals You can click the links below or download the complete eBook below;


The Foundation – “The sales funnel”

Action Step 1 - Choose a Niche Subject

Action Step 2 - Targeted Traffic

Action Step 3 - Online Capture of Leads

Action Step 4 – Give a Gift

Action Step 5 - Automatic Email Delivery

Action Step 6 - Products

Action Step 7 - Getting paid

Action Step 8 - Your primary activity is Marketing

Action Step 9 - Get a Domain Name & Hosting

Conclusion and Recap


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