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We have found that we have three main relationships with our customers,

we call this; "show you", "with you", and "for you". Contact:

Show you

We have developed and we are developing ways that we can give you the information that you need to work totally on your own.

Please come in the form of articles on our website and social media, PDF ebooks and reports, email online courses and video presentations.

This service level is ideal when you have a limited budget and you have time to carry out all of the steps at your own pace.

With you

If you are not a beginner or you have some initial skills you may only need a certain amount of help in specialized areas, this is where we can work with you and fill the gaps in your skill-set.

For example set up an initial website and you can the content, or we can establish your domain name and hosting up on our hosting platform an offer you help only when you need it.

This service level is an ideal Bridge between time efficiency and effectiveness.

For you

Full service option tell us what you want to achieve would carry out all the work for you.

This service level is ideal where you have a shortage of time have the resorces to pay an expert to complete the task for you.

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