Company Formations in 9 Offshore Jusrisdictions & Bank Accounts in 17 Countries

We have been providing a full range of corporate formation and management services for over 30 Years, including our international Nominee Director & Shareholder service, the Nominee Director is 100% off-shore and in business in his own right - which means that all the company management is legitimately conducted by a real business person outside of your current fiscal jurisdiction.

We have picked 9 particular jurisdictions in which we prefer to operate, find to be the most attractive and offer the most security.

Our nominee Director and Shareholder is in place from incorporatation, we sign a Nominee Service Agreement between the client and the nominee. This includes a Declaration of Trust that regulates the way the company is run, the nominees responsibilities and the level of reporting to the Beneficial Owner.

This service gives the company's beneficial owner the maximum privacy and confidentiality as the name of the nominee will appear in the corporate documents, in any business contracts, operation of the bank accounts and in the jurisdiction's business register. This also establishes that the "management and control" of the company's affairs are firmly outside any high tax Country.

The scope of the work undertaken by the nominee and the activities of the company will vary case by case, therefore fees for this service are negotiated and agreed between the parties on an individual basis.

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