To help you understand the range of things we can do for you, we have listed below a number of projects we are working on. They are in various stages of development, which we think is a good way for you to see how we evolve and establish our Digital Assets.

JOIN US! Building Cardano Community Clubs Worldwide

Join the Cardano blockchain revolution to expand your business and financial horizons or improve your community…, in your own language! Become an ambassador in your country & get your local Cardano project funded by us!

We are Building Utility & Adoption of Cardano ₳DA through eCommerce - we are writing code for 11 of the top shopping carts based on Joomla 3 & 4 which will create plugins & components so that they can accept and manage Cardano ₳DA digital currency. We will also work to include other Cardano native digital currencies as they launch.

Please Visit our Proposal: F7: Catalyst Natives COTI: Pay with ADA Plug-in: ADA Payments for Joomla 3 & 4.

The design of VResorts has been specially considered to engage people of all ages and all types of interest in the real and digital worlds.

Our USP is that we are focusing on leisure resorts that already exists or are in the process of development, our metaverse will exactly mirror the resort masterplan.

The mission of i.H.E.A.R. Trust is to help people “hear” the message about reducing the waste we create in our homes, reusing it in ways that solves real-world problems in a sustainable way and by motivating people to take action.

Using the power of CryptoCurrencies and Blockchain technologies i.H.E.A.R. Trust is now launching into the active phase.